Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doping sucks, or is it a good thing…

Vino, Rasmussen, Floyd and who else? What a disgrace to road cycling… Why does it happen there and not in Mountain biking? will it change the sport? I think so. I finally think the money will start to disappear from the road racing. Less prize money, less sponsorship money and all around less attention. So, less pressure to perform for the money. Less doping.

Bad for road racing, good for mountain biking? Will the pendulum swing to the other side and give mountain biking the spotlight? I think it will but hopefully not to fast. The reason I enjoy mountain bike racing so much is the simple fact that is about riding and having fun. Most professional mountain bikers spend more on racing than they get back from it. We do it because we love it! Not for the money or the attention.

As much I as I would love to make the salary of a major league baseball player, I wouldn’t want what came with it. But I don’t think salary’s like baseball will ever happen in mountain biking, mostly because baseball is so much more fun to watch ; )
Lets keep mountain biking fun, but lets make it worth it so those who devote their life to it.

So, here are my 2 cents: Let them dope or suspend them for taking an aspirin, I don't really care…I’m going for a ride!!! See you on the trail (with my dignity).

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