Friday, November 14, 2008

A cool week!

I just got back to Riverside after spending a long weekend in Arcata. I am so glad to be back in the sun, today the wind is blowing hard but when you go outside it's hot, a little strange but I like it.

I got a little press coverage(and a boost to my ego) from the last race(training race), check it out here.

Here are some pictures from the race as well.

Looking relaxed on the start line.

Moving fast into the switchbacks, a few seconds back from Brad.

I also was interviewed for a pretty big magazine, I let you know if it comes out in print!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Is it next year already?

I know it's not, but I am getting ready for it already. Training has begun, the miles are adding up and I am feeling good. Last weekend I did my 92 mile road ride on Saturday, in about 4 hours and 15 minutes. then on Sunday I went out and did a XC race. The field was maybe 100 strong in the Pro/Semi/Expert race. Some how I pulled out 2nd overall on my singlespeed, only about 10 seconds of the win. I think I might do more XC next year.... ; )  

So back to getting ready for next year, I need to plan my race schedule. does anyone out there have great races to recommend? if so please let me know. I like big climbs, lots of single track  and long walks on the beach(I mean up hike-a-bikes). 

I got a new camera! I have been taking so many of pictures of Ian,  bear with me...