Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back on the saddle sore again.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three months since I have ridden on the dirt or for that matter the singlespeed. Normally I am one to ease into things, but not this time. I had been riding not too regularly since the crash, letting all parts of my body heal and spending time with Kristina, Ian and all the family that has been visiting. I had five days of “slowing” with no family and friends; and a chance to get a couple of 3.5 hour rides. So I think my biggest week has been about 8-10 hours. So to completely shock my legs I thought I would do the 12 hours of Humboldt, 8 miles per lap with about 1400’ of climbing…on the singlespeed.

As it turned out my legs felt pretty good they had the strength to climb the steep hills with a 32x22 gear ratio, which was about perfect, I was only spun out on about 400 yards of the whole course. I knew I had an advantage over some the other singlespeeders on the first climb when I heard what gear they were riding, so I changed my plan and backed off and rode at a comfortable pace for a few laps. I knew their legs would be under a lot of stress and they would most likely “pop” or be walking a lot. However my upper body was not feeling as good as my legs and started cramping on lap four. The plan worked though, after lap six I was increasing my lead by about 8 minutes a lap and by the time I finished lap 10 I had lapped second place. After it was all said and done I completed 11 laps in less than 10 hours, and put almost 2 laps on second place. I have to say I was pretty shocked how well my legs felt.

I can’t wait to get back in shape!!! And get rid of these saddle sores…

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