Monday, November 12, 2007

Is it winter where you live...?

Winter is here in Arcata, and the training has begun. The miles are starting to add up and and so are the layers of clothing. The first few rides this week weren't too bad, actually really nice for Arcata. Today was the first test!
The morning was fairly calm, a few sprinkles and a breeze. But we all know I’m not a morning person anymore, or was I ever for that matter. So right after the noon siren sounded in downtown Arcata the rain started to fall, and I was on my bike within ten minutes soaked through before I hit the end of my street.

The stats for the day:
3.5 hours
5500’ of climbing
1.5” to 2” of rain
30 - 50mph winds
a warm 55 degrees
And a big ass puddles of water on the floor where I left my bike, changed my clothes and left my shoes.

Not a good day for pictures, but I’ll get some soon. The winter is great around here!!!

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