Thursday, October 09, 2008

It has to end some time.

I finally finished the season, and have almost completed my one week vacation. How it all ended up was pretty amazing. After the Tahoe Sierra 100 I raced the Cactus Cup omnium, and finished this last weekend with the Tour of the White Mountains.

The Cactus Cup was my first time trial and first super D, which I got 1st and 2nd respectively. It wasn’t a huge field buy Yuri and Dejay were in the mix. Ok so I was the only other besides them for the omnium, there were others for the Super D and the XC which I placed 1st.

Time trial: I think my time was about 2 minutes and 40 seconds, unfortunately I had to run over half the course due to my chain falling off. But it was probably faster anyways, it was super steep, and windy, Dejay actually got blown off his bike.

The Super D: A little climbing and a bunch of kinda down hill stuff. It was a fun course but a little flat for a singlespeed(we were pretty spun out). Dejay and I were on the front most of the time, I had a little spill about 2 km from the finish where Dejay got away from me. I almost caught him on the last little climb but there wasn’t enough time.

XC: it was a Great course! A bunch of single track with great flow, a few long climbs and some technical sandy rocky areas(made easy by my Niner singlespeed). I was able to pull away from Dejay on the long climb to finish the first of two laps and stay away the rest of the race. My only other objective was to catch as many of the semi pro men that I could, their heat started 2 minutes ahead of the singlespeeders. The last lap I caught three or four people on the last climb and I ended up making up the gap on all of the semi pro men!

The Tour of the White Mountains:
67 miles and about 70 more that I was ready for, still recovering from Interbike and a sleepless few days with Ian. It was the last one for the year, and I had to show everyone the power of Ergon grips. Before the race I did a little warm up and felt like I did before my worst race of the year, not a good sign. I had no power and no pop. Luckily it started out pretty slow and I was able to get second wheel going into the first single track section. Again, my pet peeve… about 7 miles into the race we came to a down tree with a good sized ramp up one side and down the other(we were told it was easily ridable at the start line), the guy in the lead gets off his bike and jumps over the log! When did mountain bikers forget what mountain biking was. Ride over the dam log, your leading the race!

Back to the riding part of the race. Three of us were together for a while, one guy flatted and then there were two. I got dropped on the flats. Got a flat(slow leak), that I stopped to fill a couple times. I had some fun towards the end with a great technical rocky section. And ended up 4th overall and the fastest singlespeed.

Now it's time to regroup, find some new sponsors, race a little cross and get ready to kick some butt next year.

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