Monday, May 25, 2009

Off to Italy.... Coming home tomorrow.

It's our last day in Italy and I wanted to give you all a quick update of the last week...
Tuesday: Missed check in for our flight by 2 minutes... had to buy new tickets and leave Wednesday.  I recommend not flying Air france!
Wednesday: Departed, had to pay $300 for each bike to fly internationally! I recommend not flying Delta!
Thursday: Arrived in Milan, luggage didn't though. Missing bike, and clothes for Kristina and Ian and the car seat. Waited in the airport for 6 hours for a ride to Finale.
Friday: slept through breakfast.  Found out our luggage showed up to the airport, but they wouldn't deliver it until Saturday. Spirits not doing so good ; (  Gave up and went to the beach and ate gelato. Spirits getting better ; ) 
Saturday: Race day,  Got my bike at about 10:00, built it, and did a lap on the course before the start. 
The race: 24 hour format, we had a 6 man Singlespeed team. of the 24 hours we lead all but about 20 seconds.  Team NASA/Niner won the overall with the largest margin of victory in the 11 year history of the race(so I was told) with more that a two lap lead. 
Sunday: Won the race, enjoyed the party and waited for a ride to town(I thought Humboldt time was slow). Pizza, Pizza, Gelato, sleep.

Finishing the lap down in the new Niner Kits.
The team on the stage, Winners overall, and Solo Female!

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