Friday, January 01, 2010

2009 the year in pictures

Getting ready... for chafing.

The bike of choice for the year(most years)

The boys before the Whiskey 50

Mud from one lap at Dirt Sweat and Gears!

Rob... the man at SSUSA.

This man needs no introduction.

Will we ever grow up.

Are we getting bigger or are the bikes getting smaller(I thought they were 26ers)

Having fun at the 24 hours of Finale, Italy.

On a little walk from the gelatto shop to the espresso shop.

Team Niner with some random dude in Italy.

So glad to be done with those 100 miles.

Trails in Italy.

Camp out side of Breckenridge, CO.

Winning the short track race at the national championships.

Hiking in Rocky Mountain national park.

Hanging with friends in Bend.

Exploring the redwoods in NorCal.

The Mullet.

Jake on the 36er

Basketball was fun, and I got a trip to NZ out of it. but I'm sticking with bike racing.

The last stretch of road coming home, lots of road work.

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