Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mt Snow National championships

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have a bunch to put up but have not had a Internet connection for the last week(thanks At&t, More bars in more places, yeah right!).
So here is the quick scoop of my weekend at the XC nationals.
Saturday was the Open Singlespeed XC race. I had been feeling good all week and was looking forward to the super short race. the lap was fun with some tough climbs and technical descents(for a normal XC race...) that were super fast in preriding the course. As usual for us The rain came in Friday night about midnight, and made the course super slippery and the descents much slower. with that the laps were still only 32 minutes each.
At the start my teammate Josh Kelly went out fast and I found myself not to far of his wheel in second place. a mile or so into the race I had a little difficulty climbing a section with a lot of roots and a couple guys caught me and made it around me, back to fourth place. I made it to the top of the course with out loosing another spot but the descent was so different being wet I again had some trouble keeping the speed up and was passed again.
Unfortunately josh had a mechanical failure and had to drop out. so I made it back to fourth pace on the first lap and stayed there the rest of the race.
My time was 1:35:48(give or take a few seconds). I was faster than all but one expert geared rider and I would have won my age group by about 2 minutes. Pretty cool.

As soon as I get my computer working I have a bunch of pictures to put up...

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