Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The week in pictures. (last week)

Some strange coincidences, something a little scary, and some things that make me ask, “Are we really that stupid?”

The first two pictures are of Dejay and Merl the mule, who’s coral was very close to where we had parked the trailer for about three weeks. Shortly after we departed Tennessee Merl’s winter coat started falling out, which in itself is not strange. However the pattern in which it did is a little strange, I guess everyone wants to be a little bit like Dejay.

(Notice the sideburns)

The next two are looking out of a very large tent at the USA Cycling National Championships. This tent is about 80’ by 160’, with both ends open and all but a total of about 20’ along the sides. So pretty much any direction you walk, if you walk far enough, you can make your way out. And if for some reason you run into part of the tent all you have to do is take one step to either side and there will be an opening.

Here is the picture of one of the ends…

Here is a small section of the first picture(it’s a little hard to make this show up and get the whole end of the tent in the picture)…

Story time with Dejay:

All I can say about this picture is, “Parents be worried ”.

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Jeff Kerkove said...

Yes, parents be very worried.

Ha ha!