Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where did that month go? And where have I been?

Since my last post we (Kristina, Ian, Dejay and I) spent a few nice relaxing days in northern Michigan on a lake doing some sailing and some serious fudge eating before heading to Wisconsin for the 24 hour nationals where we added Rebbecca to the caravan. This was my first race this year that I have just watched(and supported), it was a great change. No mad craziness before the race, no watching what I eat or any of my other pre race quirks. Just a few beers and hanging out with Kristina and Ian.

After 24 nationals we (Kristina, Ian, Dejay, Rebbecca and I) took off to ride part of the Maah Daah Hey trail in North Dakota. We spent three days there riding different sections of the trail. The parts of the trail I rode were OK, but I found the spur trails were much more fun! Some day I will go back and ride the whole 96 mile trail over a few days and do all the spur trails. I guess this is one to put on the list of trails to do...just avoid the wet days!!! It’s about the worst mud I have ridden in.

Next stop Missoula, Pick up Andrew, do a quick spin with the whole family the hit the road again.

Now we (Kristina, Ian, Dejay, Rebbecca, Andrew and I) are on the way to Bend, Oregon. I love this place in the three days we had so much fun! Three days of riding(from town), 4+ hours per day and a ton of single track, then finish it off with one of the breweries and a float down the river. I going back soon! After Bend we made a quick stop to ride the Mackenzie river trail on our way back to my (old)home town Arcata, CA.

Same old Arcata, clod and foggy with a couple of whacked out people welcoming us to town. The short story...Some old dude in his tighty whiteys with a big flash light yelling at us for parking in the closest spot to my house as I could get. Up early for my favorite home town ride Tish Tang, got some poison oak but with a little help from friends it got better pretty quick(Thanks Geoff!) It was great to see everyone while we were there. I hope to see you all soon(except the underwear guy). I think I will be back in October for La Grange.

Last stop for the big crew Single Speed Worlds in Napa!

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