Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A great day of pedaling and a bunch of bad luck.

Mohican 100,  NUE series race # 2

Muddy, of course we wouldn't have it any other way. 

the 7:00 am start lead us through downtown Loundonville. luckily for us singlespeeders it was a controlled start, the speed was limited by how fast the geared guys wanted to go. As soon as we hit the singletrack Dejay and I began to pass when ever we got the chance, "on your right"," On your left", sometimes I went on the right as Dejay went on the left. about a mile into the singletrack the bad luck began; as I was passing on the left I was pushed toward the bank and did a super slow motion over the bars endo. That started the theme for the day, Catch up to dejay. by the time I got back on my bike and on the trail 7 or 8 people had passed me. We did a small hike a bike and came ripping down  a fire road,  When I got in to a campground there were about twenty riders riding toward me, and looking confused. We did the whole ride in a circle wagon train thing the group split into two. Dejay went one way I went the other. A minute later we were on the singletrack with 20+ riders between the two of us and Dejay in the lead.

Time to catch Dejay again...

It was 5-7 miles before I could do some real passing and got close to the front of the group which consisted of Floyd Landis(DNF), Christopher Beck, and a few others. Rolling through aid two the singletrack opened up and so did the pace, another hike and I saw Dejay again.

BANG! Flat tire.

Time to catch Dejay again

Three minutes to change a flat and three hours of pedaling I almost caught Dejay again. he goes over a rise then makes a right, I went straight for 3-4 minutes.

Time to catch Dejay again.

I think I saw him one more time but I couldn't be sure. a bunch more gravel and paved roads and one last wrong turn that took me to the finish line the wrong way, a ride back in a truck to make the right turn and a cruised back into the finish. I still finished second in the SS category and 16th overall.

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