Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rolling in the front range.

Fort Collins and Boulder, CO have been our playground for the last week while preparing for the Firecracker 50. I have been very impressed with the trails and the number of people using them. 
I have to admit after riding in Michigan I was timid riding anything remotely technical. It is such a different world here, I think I encountered more rocks in the first mile of riding in Colorado than in all 250ish miles I rode in Michigan. but I think my skills are coming back to me...

I think in our quest to find a new place to live Colorado has moved toward the top of the list.

This is my buddy Steve, on the walker ranch loop out side of Boulder.
Here is Jake on some trail I don't remember the name of, But you might be able to figure it out.

So I am fighting a little cold right now, hopefully I will be well for the race on Friday.

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S said...

I know that guy, he use to give out new belgium's after races. God, I MISS HIM!!!!