Sunday, June 15, 2008

The weather man....

If you remember from a couple weeks ago I predicted heavy rain for last Friday, well it came a day early.

We were watching the TV show Weeds, when the rain started coming down so hard we could hardly hear the sound the show much less each other talking. Then at about 10:00 there came pounding on the door, amazingly enough they weren't trying to kick us out of our camping spot. As soon as we open the door the guy says, “There is a tornado warning(our second in 2 weeks) and the storm shelter is open”. So we debate on what to do, stay in the trailer and ride out a tornado or go to the storm shelter. I wasn’t convinced either way so I walked(more like waded to the shelter. The first route I stopped and came back after reaching water deeper than my Knees. When I made it up to the shelter, the first person I saw said they say saw a water spout. So I decided to go back and get the family.
We stayed in the shelter for about 20 minutes eating twizlers and watching the lighting show.

It continued to rain all night and this is the lake the campground turned into… the first site we thought about staying is right in the middle of this lake….

The storm ended up being the largest amount of rain that this town has seen in a 24 hour period in the last 60 years. When we made it back to town the power was out(which meant no Cappuccino) and there were boats sinking in the harbor.

Here is an offer….
If your town is in need of rain, put on a race and invite Dejay and I to show up!

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