Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lumberjack 100

This race was day and night from the Mohican of two weeks ago. Being mostly single track, about 98%, there was really no time you could go on auto pilot. Also doing 4 laps of the same thing you could really learn the course and ride more aggressively as the day went on. Another huge difference was this course got better in the rain, except for a section about a quarter mile long that turned into a two foot deep bog.

Another 7:00 a.m. road sprint start, I heard some one saying that we were going 37 miles an hour. Somehow after a mile and a half Dejay and I were in the top 15 turning onto the trail. I’m not sure why but Dejay wanted to sprint to the corner turning into the trail head parking lot. This left him a little winded for the firs “big” climb of the race. As I caught Dejay I could tell he was already at his limit so I did a little push and got in to the the lead group of eight. Harlan Price, Jeff Schock, Chris Eat of a plate, a few others and I did the first 20 miles together before I was removed from the back of the group to settle into my pace.

The course was not suited to my riding style, as I perform better when there are long extended climbs. It was flat with a few short punchy climbs, none longer that maybe two minutes. I picked a pretty good gear that kept me moving at a good clip on the flats but I bogged down on the hills, I guess I need a little more power in my legs if I want to run a big gear like that again.

A few miles into the second lap I caught one of the top 7 who had stopped to get some relief. We worked together for most of that lap(well I drafted him most of the time). Then he got away and I was alone again. Around the same place that I caught the speedgoat rider I had to pee too, I stopped and then I was caught by the second place singlespeed rider. He followed me for most of the lap and dropped me at about the same spot that everyone else had on the previous laps. I took a short section to refuel to make it sure I made it through the last lap.

The last lap was pretty crowded, most of the people were great about getting out of the way but a few slowed me down for longer than I would have liked. All said and done… I finished in 9th place(I thought I was in 8th) 7 hours, 58 minutes and a few seconds. Less that a minute back from the first place single speeder. Only about 50 minutes back from the overall winner.


Mike said...

Thanks for the Niner water bottles! My first try at the Lumberjack was a DNF. The trail was not what I trained for. Next year I'll do better. It will still be a Niner Bike!

Wicki said...

Way to go Fuzzknuckles! One minute back from the local dude on 38 X 18?? Not bad at all!! Poor guy must have some sore knees, or gigantic chop-chops (that's wiki for musclees).
Give Ian a cute googley-eye ;}

Joe Keays said...

Hey FuzzyJohn

We don't know each other but I have to ask for your advice.

I'm 41 and a family man with 3 girls living in Thousand Oaks, CA. I'll admit, I now have a MTB addiction. Over the past three years, the competitive spirit in me has started to enjoy the torture of training. I spent the last year training for my first endurance event in Julian, CA 85 miles and 11,000ft of climbing. Great time and I finished.

I would like to do a few races a year but my family comes first so it’s tough to find events that fit into the lives of my loved ones. I mention this since my wife is from Michigan and we are about to visit Michigan this week and I just discovered that the Lumberjack 100 is this coming weekend. It’s too late to enter for this year but I am seriously considering doing the Lumberjack event next year in 2010. It would be easy for my family to visit MI this time again next year while I can race at the event.

Thoughts: I’m used to the terrain in Southern California and I love the torture of climbing. I read your post about your 2008 Lumberjack experience and I’m not sure if it’s a good fit for me.

I saw that you were from CA in the results page so I’m thinking you can relate to the kinds of terrain in SoCal and your overall experience in MI.

I hope this note has made sense.

I’ve only done 4 races total and I have improved exponentially within this past year as I trained for the Julian endurance event. (3 XC and 1 Endurance event) I still consider myself a beginner but that’s due to my lack of experience at this point.

I just did a XC Summer Series event #1 at Santa Ynez this past weekend and had the fastest overall beginner time. Santa Ynez hosted the US Cup West Race back in April.

178lbs, 6’2” Trek Fuel EX 9.5 Carbon (Trail/Endurance Bike)

Any advice for me considering this long winded background?

Thanks for reading

Joe Keays